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9/1/15 07:01 pm
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 today has been such a slouchy day (although i did take the budbud out for a long walk earlier which would have been nice if it didnt start slightly raining just as i left the house!)

i was going to start sorting out all the photos i need for the scrapbooking stuff but then i remembered that i need some more printer ink :\ 

ive also spent all day waiting for emails from train people on how much tickets will be etc and then trying to work around that, urgh why are tickets so expensive and why is my money not as muchly this month (i know this sadly, i was poorly in december damnit) but i will keep refreshing and thinking of other ideas which may help!

i did watch the first episode of the seconds series of the originals. daniel sharman was in it and i lolled and yeah, i feel like this could be his english version of isaac character tbh. but eh who cares about his voice when he can just stand there *headtilts* i was going to watch so many things today but then i ended up on youtube (again) gah its such a time stealer *fistshakes*

i also received my order from dorothy perkins and sadly the regular length jeans only just hit my ankles so they will have to go back (along with the dress from simply be, which whilst pretty just doesnt really suit me *lesigh* although i did buy myself a new belt which i might try it with just to see if it helps) but yeah, to get my size in jeans that arent skinny fit (urgh skinny fit) they just dont seem to think they need to make them in tall length. i have chub and long legs people AND I WANT A PAIR OF JEANS!


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