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16/2/15 07:43 pm
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 i felt so rubbish this morning, my throat was killing and just general aches and pains. but i forced myself to go to work where i realised that i had forgot to put my glasses on! so i then got a headache too. but luckly i asked the boss if i could leave a bit earlier and with the nursery being quiet i got to leave at 1.30 instead of the usual 6.15! 

my throat and ears are still all groggy and mehlike, im just hoping the aches everywher else will just stop because there is srsly no need >:|

but back to the bands of the day. todays letter is P so...

growing up i was more of a suede and manics girl than the bluroasispulp dealio. but after seeing these guys live i actually fell in love, they are adorable and i do enjoy their songs and i think this might be my fave. 

i gotta say i prefer his earlier stuff compared to the later abums, so i dont really listen to him at all nowadays (this video came out ten years ago say what?!) but it was very pretty at the time


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