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 so i know i forgot to do the band thing yesterday (well i didnt forget i just remembered as i was going to sleep just after midnight *cough* so that should be coming up soon. i just need to piss and moan for a bit (its what i do mmmmkay)

SO today i found out that i will not be changing rooms on the 23rd anymore. did i get told this and explained why? noooo, did my manager send me a message to let me know about the change? no dont be daft! no, i had to find out because one of the girls thought it was hilarious that i wasnt moving! and when i asked in the office (the manager is off for the rest of the week) i got told that i probably didnt want to know where i was working next week because i would get angry. turns out that because the girl who was supposed to take over my job has to cover for the girl who has decided she doesnt want the room leader job in the afterschool. which means i cant move supposedly? i dont know how since the girl taking over my job can still be in my room from 9.30! 

i try to do the right thing i never complain and always try to make life as easy as possible at work but it srsly gets you no where. not when theres girls who shout and argue about not wanting to work in certain rooms because they cant handle the kids or they dont like it being busy. uhm ITS YOUR JOB! if i was to say i couldnt cope i would get a blank look and then told to just do my best. but these new girls get whatever they want because they know the management are desperate for staff. its really stressing me out and im actually dreading going in next week now. 

supposedly its only for another two weeks but i srsly cant believe anything they say at that place. it just seems that whenever someone else does something wrong it always falls back on me.and i would love to be able to just shrug it off or pretend i dont see/feel things but pffft. god damnit >:(

the only good thing is im soooooo ready fo my driving lesson tomorrow because the sooner i learn to drive, the sooner i get out of that place!!