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kittysour ([personal profile] kittysour) wrote2015-02-17 12:40 pm

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 dear lord i think i have the plague, i would ask for help but at this moment in time my brain is more thinking "GO SAVE YOURSELF! THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO HERE" before i pass out all lady like (and not in a heap whilst coughing all barklike and wincing because my throat feels like its ten times too big and my nose is trying to suffocate me) PLAAAAAAGUE.

so as you can tell im not at work, i thought i would have felt better this morning so didnt ring in work last night, so this morning at 6.50 i croaked to the answer machine that i had the plague. now im trying to find a place to chill that doesnt hurt or yaknow try not to swallow. wah i hate being sick, and it seems to be the main theme of this year already *sniffles* *hackcough* *PLAGUE*