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15/2/15 04:45 pm
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 im all confuzzled about the whole driving thing (again, i know) ive only got a couple of more weeks left until i have to pay for more lessons so i know i have to wait it out to see how i feel by then, but meh i hate feeling like im just being picky and stupid. hes a nice bloke, i just dont know why i feel like i need to worry about it ALL the time. (srsly i woke up at 5 this morning worrying if i was making the right decision!? how or why does that happen?!) i am going to try and split te two hours into two lessons and hopefully my brain doesnt go as frazzled as last time :|

but anywho onto the videos! today is the letter O which at first totally stumped me then i had a looksee and here is what i came up with :D

i lolled when i realised i could add these guys XD

gotta have a bit of oasis innit, plus this song is so calm and pretty so *shrug*
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