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13/2/15 07:05 pm
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 todays bands all start with the letter m! 

so i start off with my other most favourite band, the ones ive loved for a very very very long time. i would try and calculate it but im old so heh have a video!

next is mindless self indulgence who i love because they are all adorkable bbs who make really fun upbeat music

and thirdly because they come from where i live i just had to choose maximo park because i went through a stage where i couldnt not listen to them and then go and see them live a gazillion times (didnt really get into the last album though :\) this song isnt their most upbeat but it has so many memories attached to it <3

do you love that i started off trying to only do one of two bands and now im up to three! :D


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