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3/2/15 08:33 pm
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 work went well, early years came in and they will write a report and blah blah blah. i did find iut that one of the girls i work with is going to start working properly and doing all she should be doing because shes been promoted to my job when i swap rooms. how rude is that. i actually told her that was a shit thin to do but eh, im just glad that im out of that room by the end of the month!

the used are in newcastle on sunday, im actually going ice skating (lol i know) on that day but im not sure i want to try and get a ticket. i loved seeing them last time (many years ago) but ive not been into the last couple of albums so im a bit :/ plus i keep thinking, im gonna be out all day with actual people! me! socialising! with PEOPLE! do i then want to go alone to see a band...ahahaha can you believe this is actually coming out of my brain. i dunno, i guess ive got a few days to choose since there are still tickets left

now onto the band challenge

today is the letter C so ive chosen....

Chapel club (theyve sadly split up now and the second album was a bit rubbish but ohmy the first album was preeeetty)

Carl Barat


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