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22/2/15 12:08 pm
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 so ive spent all morning (well the last hour and a bit) watching old TAI... videos and some others that may have william becketts face in them. this may be because i forgot to add them to the alphabet band meme thing, it may also be because dear lord william is still the most beautiful boy.

also it still puzzles me like a mofo why william/gabe/travis fic was never a huge thing because omnomnom theyre all so tall and pretty and pawable. between them three and the whole lack of desolation row fic with mychem will always be the biggest sighworthy moments of EVER (i would say that im joking, but im really really not *clings to all ze preeeeeeeetttttttttyomg*)


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22/2/15 04:12 pm
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 eeek were nearing the end of the alphabet band thing! what will i do when it all finishes :\

todays letter is V so....


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