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13/2/15 03:20 pm
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 todays driving lesson started off much smooother! i think ive got my confidence up in leftt turns enough not to panic about them. i also remembered most of the stuff he told me (so googling and watching those driving videos did help muchly *fistbump*) i would say the right turns were goig well, but then towards the end off the lessons i had a few bits where i got totally confused and stressed that i didnt stall exactly but at one point the bloke was like "why are you touching the handbrake?! get your hand off the handbrake!!" i can laugh about it now but at the time i was trying to turn on a junction (after stopping the car, whoops) and there was another learner driver coming up as well as a huge ass lorry omg. so yeah, i was so glad to change seats and be driven home after the two hours! hopefully my confidence with the right turns will continue like it did with my left turns last week and i can just keep on moving forward 👍

the obstacles this week were so much harder though, whereas last week i had parked cars and big lorries. this week there was parked cars, big ass lorries ALSO driving cars that kept trying to overtake and cutting me off (dude instructor was not impressed in the slightest, neither was i really lol) reversing big ass lorries! little lorries OH AND LEARNER BUS DRIVERS! like what the actual shit omg

my foot also seems to favour the brake and not so much the gas, which instructor dude kept having to remind me towards the end to get my foot off the brake. i cant help it omg, if im pulling up to a junction where i know theres loads of cars my brain is all kinds of NOPE BRAKE BRAKE BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE

eh i suppose its a practise thing *shrug*

but i didnt hate it as much this week! i didnt love it, but the hate is less so :)

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13/2/15 07:05 pm
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 todays bands all start with the letter m! 

so i start off with my other most favourite band, the ones ive loved for a very very very long time. i would try and calculate it but im old so heh have a video!

next is mindless self indulgence who i love because they are all adorkable bbs who make really fun upbeat music

and thirdly because they come from where i live i just had to choose maximo park because i went through a stage where i couldnt not listen to them and then go and see them live a gazillion times (didnt really get into the last album though :\) this song isnt their most upbeat but it has so many memories attached to it <3

do you love that i started off trying to only do one of two bands and now im up to three! :D


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