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31/1/15 03:19 pm
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 im so ill, my chest feels all tight and i have no energy apart from when im having a coughing fit so my ribs and stomach ache like a mofo. i do not approve of these germs, and since ive felt like rubbish since at least wednesday with no improvement (well the aches in my legs have gone) i think its time for the whole being poorly thing to QUIT IT.

in other none ailment news. the libertines are headlining at t in the park!!! and there are rumours that kasabian will also be there!!!! AND SO I NEED TO GO ASWELL OKAY THNKUPLZ. its been a few years (lesigh) since my last festival but eeep! i always said i would love to do t in the park since i went to oxegen 3 times, and they are so familiar except at T i wouldnt have to get an aeroplane to get there! urgh i am so needy and kind of flaily at the thought of it all again but gah PREEEEEETTTTTY *GRABBYHANDS*

and now that ive got myself all giddy and out of breath (i really wish i was joking *gaspgasp*) im gonna go and chill for a bit even though i am beyond needy to not chill since ive been doing that for days now. my life you guys *shakes head*


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