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27/1/15 10:53 pm
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 i finally found out today that i am getting the room change at work. i have to wait till after the half term before i get to move into the toddler room! i was so excited then i got so nervous, then i felt like i was going to be sick but now im like woo *fistpump* bring it on! it also helps that the room leader is someone ive worked with before and shes lovely :)

so i think tomorrow i will be googling acitivities to do with 1 year olds, and then see if ive got the eyfs at home somewhere since i will be doing daily planning O.o 

i will not be thinking of all the little ones i work with now who seem to know theres somethings going on, the last few days a couple of different kids have kept asking if im staying with them/in the room because they will miss me if i dont look after them, urgh my heart. 

but yes, eeek! after ten years i finally get a change!


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