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22/1/15 07:30 pm
kittysour: (tomandserge bw)
 what a day!

the teacher didnt find the stuff i needed, and her explanation was ridiculous (the labels i put up couldnt stay up because the kids kept pulling them off! uhm hello tell them to stop!!) i went on my dinner only to come back and find out the room was amess/chaos so the boss wasnt happy. then i find out that some people still think its hilarious to talk about the time i got spiked and passed out. i told my mam because urgh, she went crazy, i then had to stop talking because i felt like i was going to have a panic attack and again i have to ask WHEN DO I GET TO FORGET THIS ALL!? if i knew someone was uncomfortable about something i wouldnt keep bringing it up, especially to joke about it.

im so glad im off tomorrow so i can just chill and stop feeling rubbish (a good nights sleep will help to!)


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