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21/1/15 11:54 am
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 just woke up after a very long sleep, which was very much needed after the notsleepin/early mornings ive had. i was supposed to visit the twins today for the fist time in omg (srsly its been too long) but my cousins not feeling well so i think were postponing till next week now.

did i update yesterday? i cant remember? eh ill do a wuick recap because i had a really good day. i was in my own preschool room yesterday and i was running the room, and the kids were great, we did all our jobs and had fun and it went so smoothky that at one point i wished that i had just stuck in with my degree so i could actually just run the room MY way. hut then i gave my head a wobble and remembered that if i had stayed on at uni it would have took about seven years (i could only do it part time, because i obvzly work....idk how they worked out it would take that long) plus the wages i would have gotten wouldnt have justified the time soent gaining the degree. BUT ANYWAY yeah that was a suprise little thought bubble i ad. 

i also once agaireally wished i could drive, which my mam thinks is a good ting because if im that desperate that when i do ge to to learn, i wont mess about and will hopefully pass soon (like i would mess about with the price of lessons PFFFFT! robbery i say)

so today is goingto be spent chillin i think, i did wake up earlier to ALL THE SNOW but luckly after a wuick glance outside i think its kostly gone. i do not approve of snow!


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