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18/1/15 05:10 pm
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i had a really good time last night, we (me and three other girls) went out for a meal and then a drink in the bar upstairs. it was just so lovely to sit and talk to people with no bitching or pretending to have fun and get drunk.

we did discuss the reason why i dont drink alcohol anymore and for once i was listened to and actually agreed with, which made me breathe a bit easier even if i did shaky talking about it *eyeroll*

speaking of shaky! the lack of wibbleness before i went out changed a little just before hand when i decided to paint my nails. my hands got so shaky and meh which made the whole process so much fun NOT. im surprised i didnt paint my whole fingers towards the end lol

today i have been sorting out all my scrapbooking stuff (and getting excited because omg i had forgotten just how much stuff i had recieved) now i just need to sort out ALL those photos into some kind of order :|

i also tried fixing my glasses (again) the shop made them just a little too tight, after about three times of going back and forth. so i googled and found out that a hair dryer will heat the plastic enough to bend etc. so yeah i did that, lets see how they go now or if i end up just throwing them against the wall *cough*


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