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17/1/15 03:47 pm
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 didnt update in a few days because of work (i was very angry and annoyred and grr on thursday because everything went wrong with my room and i was so not impressed etc) and then ive also felt sick the last few days along with very sore ribs...which i dont know is causing the sickly feeling or is because of the sick feeling. SO CONFUSING AND OUCHY AND BLARGH

i am going out tonight though! with people! its one of the girls at works leaving do, well i say leaving do but she only invited a couple of us out for a meal because as i say, i work with a few people you just dont want to go out with. also i havent felt panicky or flaily once so yay for that! i just need to actually sort out what im wearing and stuff D:

i actually cant think of what else i wanted to update about :\

oh! i did get some of my photos back from being printed. omg so many good times and so many pics of me with alcohol and/or in a tent/field. it seems a lifetime ago now *lesigh* im just waiting for one more set of photos then i can start scrapbooking *fistpumps*


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