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8/1/15 10:31 pm
kittysour: (tomandserge bw)
 i slept in today, woke up at exactly 7.45 which is also the exact same time i start work. so obvzly i was very late but lukcly the boss was alright about it.

i also got offered an interview for that room leader job but then was told that it would include other responsibilities such as locking and opening up the nursery and doing other office work as well as leading a room full of staff which eeek! i know i could do it but sadly for onky a couple of pence more wages wise im not that keen.

speaking of ze moneys im trying to find enough to get tickets to go and see my rebs for her birthday! why do train tickets have to be so expensive :( 

highlight of my day was a three year old coming over to me, clinging onto my arm and whispering in my ear "i love you lots, youre my best friend" gah 😳😍


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