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7/1/15 12:05 pm
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 i was so tired yesterday that i couldnt even bring myself to update! but it was a funny old day. at work i found out that the mini boss really wants me to stay in my room because in the next few months we are getting a lot of children with quite strong additional needs, and basically the tacher we have now doesnt look like she will cope 

(im crossposting to lj so just a bit of FYI for over there. im thinking of gojng for a role in another room within the company i work for where instead of working with preschoolers, i would be working with one year olds)

so anyway yesterday i spent the morning with my preschoolers, we made paintings of baa baa black sheep! then the teacher came in to work the afternoon shift so i was put in the two year old room (my room is very quiet lately so i wasnt needed) in the two year room is where this little kids with additional needs now are. they are hard work and it gets very repetitive but there are always little moments that make you forget the argh parts. yesterdays special monents came from one boy with autism, he wanted to be picked up and i got a few seconds of eye contact with him as we sang round and round the garden (about ten times) until he collapsed in giggles.

then! another younger boy with suspected autism was trying to climb (they are all such good climbers omg) so i ended up counting to three and on the last number tickling him, which made me realise he is the kost ticklish child ever!! i spent about twenty minutes chasing him round and getting smiles and giggles before his dad came. i was laughing so mich too that when his dad asked how he had been, i explained that he had me worn out, his dads eyes dropped and he started to apologise, which ibvzly i had to stop him and explain it was in a good way. the dads face was so relieved as hes really only used to this child being seen in a bad way (we have new staff who think every child should be perfect, its a concern were all dealing with, but thas another story for another day) so yeah. it was such a lovely ending to the day that i left really happy for once lol

then i came home and basically collapsed because omg so tired and sleeeeeepy!


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