Entry 2

2/1/15 11:57 am
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 omg we have an entry 2! this may actually mean this journal is for keeps!

I had some funny old feelings about this journal yesterday after i had finally announced that i was moving from lj. It was very strange, i was almost ready to delete the lj post and pretend i hadnt said anything, pretended that i actually was going back to lj because thats where all my lovely layouts and icons and communities that still somewhat update are. but no! i will be strong and move on, even if finding communities and such on dw is hard omg

HOW DO PEOPLE FIND GOOD AND INTERESTING COMMUNITIES TO FOLLOW. everything is either an add me comm or hasnt been updated in a gazillion years :\ i even thought about moving onto tumblr and updating there with a new name and stuff but then i dont think its as easy to go back on tumblr to find old posts without using tags (which i suck at) oh how hard my life is.

i did find a band that i somewhat like yesterday though! the first in what seems forever! i was originally listening to royal blood? who do sound pretty great but then spotify linked me to a band named drenge who i may have listened to all day yesterday. they are adorable and i  like the sounds they make and yeah. plz to be finding more bands to like this year kimmi *crosses fingers*

i want to quote all the lyrics in this song tbh


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