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1/1/15 12:37 pm
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Another year has passed, and for a while now ive wanted to start blogging again. So with it being the first and all how about a first post too!

I want to start off by putting down a few things i would like to attempt this year, theyre not resolutions because pffft who makes them anymore (not i! well i never have before...) they are more like wishful thinking? a hope to get some struck off by this time next year- list? Anywho lets have a look at the whatever-list thats been swirling around my head

  • LEARN TO DRIVE! (in capitols because omg this NEEDS to happen, i am ready and willing and all needy to get out on the road)
  • travel more/just get out of the house more tbh
  • get started on my scrapbooking
  • continue doing the whole scrapbooking thing
  • sort out my junk cupboard/wardrobe (there are so many things i would like to keep, but theres so many things i just dont need that are cluttering up space)
  • start and finish some of my arty projects (that are cluttering up the above situation)
  • read more, i would love to say at least one book a month but i that aint gonna happen. so im thinking if i only read about 6 books this year then its better than last year (i mean it cant be that hard to read a book in two months, right?) *does not look at the book i started in october whilst i was on holiday that has yet to be finished :\*


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