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24/2/15 09:09 pm
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 today i walked to work wanting to cry but i got there and i did my "job" and didnt stress out about wanting everything to run smoothly or perfect. and yeah it was easier but it still makes me feel so sad to think the kids in my care will never get the best i would love to give? 

i did look at jobs last nigh, got really sad at the thought of not working with kids and then realising that pretty much every other private nurseryy is just gonna be the same as the one im in. im still gonna keep my eyes open but meh. i hate feelin like im stuck :/

there was one highlight of my day though. one of my key children made me a picture when he was at school and was so giddy to give it to me, it had his name on and some of his writing and then convered with hearts. at that point i could have cried (again) if onky because this is totally why i love my job. these lovely little people. gah. why do i have emotions omg.

but enough about work, ill get over it and hopefully i will work out what i should be doing with my life.

in other news. i totally forgot to post the band meme, so heres the first one with the letter w

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